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Breaking Brad: In Nebraska, Super Bowl's a sign that signing day approaches

Omaha World-Herald: Evidently Gary Busey and Barbara Walters were busy. * Tony Romo and Rex Ryan star in a Pizza Hut commercial that will air during the game. Take that all you cynics who said Romo and Ryan would never make it to a Super Bowl. * A Super ...
'Real' Talk: Bryant Gumbel on the NFL, the NCAA and the NRA

- 1 week earlier @ I used to say when I hosted the Today program that if Barbara Walters, Ted Koppel and I all asked the same difficult question in the same tone of voice with the same look on our faces, Koppel would be characterized as brilliant and prepared, Barbara ...

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Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Really Hung Out With President Obama

Kim Kardashian 's latest flashback picture practically has the presidential seal of approval. That's because President Barack Obama not only posed for the snap with the reality star and Kanye West , but also signed it. "To Kanye & Kim - Thanks for the support and best wishes to your [and] your lovely daughter! Barack Obama," the short note reads. Meanwhile, Kim had even less to say: "#FBF POTUS ...

'The View' Suffers Growing Pains As Its Co-Hosts Find They Can't Work Together

Closer Weekly: After 17 years on the air, the program – founded by Barbara Walters as a place to discuss hot-button issues – has issues of its own. It's suffering from ego clashes, burnout and a panel of hosts who haven't gelled with each other or appealed to the ...

Rosie Perez Returns to "The View" Tuesday

KMBZ: ... "No matter what you read anywhere Rosie Perez is also coming back after she is done rehearsing her play." The View underwent a major shakeup after last season, with Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd all moving on from the show.

No, King Abdullah Was Not a 'Reformer'

... on any type of dissent. A quick examination of human rights in Saudi Arabia during King Abdullah's rule quickly refutes the notion of the king as a reformer. In an interview with Barbara Walters in 2005, King Abdullah claimed, “I believe strongly ...

Official: FISH IN THE DARK's Rosie Perez to Return to ABC's THE VIEW, 2/3

Broadway World: ABC has confirmed that Rosie Perez, who took a hiatus from her post as co-host of THE VIEW to begin rehearsals for her upcoming role in Larry David's new Broadway, FISH IN THE DARK, will make her return to the daytime talk show live on Tuesday, ...

Colleen McCullough: Internationally acclaimed Australian Thorn Birds author dies aged 77

Internationally acclaimed Australian author Colleen McCullough has died in hospital on Norfolk Island, aged 77.

ABC's 'View' Woes: Declining Ratings, Lower Ad Revenue, Whoopi-Rosie Feud

The franchise could be on the chopping block as new Disney-ABC chief Ben Sherwood faces his first big challenge.


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